76ers Co-Owner Michael Rubin on Meek Mill Case: Genece Brinkley 'Is Not Fit to Be a Judge'

Meek Mill's lawyers have been arguing for months that Judge Brinkley is unethical and biased against the rapper.

Michael Rubin attacked Judge Genece Brinkley, better known as the judge who sentencedMeek Mill to 2-4 years in prison in 2017 and continues to preside over his ongoing legal case, on Instagram today.

After Meek’s attempt to get a new judge was denied, the rapper’s lawyers unearthed a civil suit filed by Brinkley in 2016 claiming she might have suffered severe brain trauma after a car accident. Previously, Meek’s attorneys have argued that Brinkley is unethical and has taken advantage of her status as a judge. They have also argued the judge has a personal vendetta against Meek Mill after he denied mentioning her in a song

Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Rubin has been supporting Meek for some time now. He even flew the rapper out to watch Game 5 of the Sixers and Heat’s first-round series nearly immediately after he was released.

The car accident allegedly took place in St. Maarten on April 26, 2016 when Brinkley was on vacation, XXL reports. Brinkley claims she was “violently struck” by a car when she slowed down to avoid a collision with a vehicle that crossed over into her lane and was heading at her head-on. As a result, she suffered “severe injuries in and about the head, body” that could be “serious, severe and permanent.” 

"In particular, plaintiff sustained severe head trauma, concussion, dizziness, headaches, holes and tears in retina of both eyes, trauma to both hands, neck pain, lumbar spine strain and sprain, knee sprain and pain, and other orthopedic and neurological injuries," the suit reads. "The full extent of which has not yet been fully determined; she suffered severe injuries to her nerves and nervous system with resulting emotional distress." 

Meek’s lawyers will now likely use this as evidence that Brinkley’s injuries may have impacted her work following the accident, perhaps explaining some of her alleged behavior towards their client. 

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