Premiere: Too Attached Release "Veins," the First Single From Their Forthcoming Album

The catchy synth-pop track also has a powerful message.

Sibling duo Too Attached have been captivating the Canadian music scene for the last few years with their political yet punchy brand of pop music, showing and proving that songs can have a message and be catchy af as well. They are back at it again with their new track, "Veins," which we are happy to premiere here on Complex

"When we started working on our new album last fall, we wanted to challenge ourselves by moving away from sampling songs by other people," explains lead singer Vivek of the track. "Sampling had defined our first album, Bronze, and was foundational to the Too Attached sound, so this change up felt quite daunting. But when we started working on "Veins," Shamik [Vivek's brother and Too Attached's producer] built sections of the song by sampling and chopping up my vocals. That's when this new direction solidified for us." The result is a lush and layered synth pop treat which you can hear above. 

And as we mentioned, Too Attached's songs are never too much style without substance, and Vivek delves deeper into the song's meaning: "Lyrically, 'Veins' was written in response to my experiences of biphobia, especially in the gay community, and the song is meant to be a bisexual anthem. The line, 'You know what I know, you can't erase desire' is trying to highlight the hypocrisy and irony of having to defend my attractions in a community that has continually had to fight for this freedom."

Enjoy "Veins" today and be sure to preorder Too Attached's new album now via their Bandcamp.



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