Take in Liza's First Music Video for "Here to Stay"

The video was directed by Kat Webber, known for her work on Drake's "Nice For What" and SZA's "Garden (Say It Like Dat)."

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We've been fans of Liza for some time (ever since her February 29 EP released in early 2017) but it's been a while since she blessed us with new music. Needless to say, we were excited af to receive news of her stunning new video for "Here To Stay," Liza's first ever visual. 

The track tells the heartbreaking tale of the end of a relationship over a minimal yet hypnotic beat, and the video perfectly represents the feeling of loss using the visual metaphor of the five stages of grief: Liza moves through five rooms, five looks and give shots.  The music video was directed by Kat Webber, known for her work on Drake's "Nice For What" and SZA's "Garden (Say It Like Dat)," explains further: "The rooms are either closing in on Liza or expanding away from her. This also metaphorically portrays the action of inhaling/exhaling, freedom/claustrophobia and the process of removing yourself from a relationship that is no longer serving you. Liza is essentially grieving the death of a relationship. In the end, she finds the strength to accept the death of the relationship."

Take in the "Here To Say" video above and be sure to follow Liza to see and hear what the does next. 

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