Tyler, the Creator Fans Out at Lupe Fiasco Show Celebrating 15-Year Anniversary of 'The Cool'

Tyler, the Creator was clearly enjoying himself while watching Lupe Fiasco perform 'The Cool' in its entirety at Central Park in New York City.

Tyler, the Creator seen performing onstage at a festival.

Tyler, the Creator performs on day 3 of Wireless Festival 2022.

Tyler, the Creator seen performing onstage at a festival.

Tyler, the Creator has made no secret of his admiration for Lupe Fiasco, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn there’s footage of Tyler having a great time watching Lupe perform onstage in New York City. 

Lupe played a show in Central Park on Wednesday, the first in a series of concerts celebrating the 15-year anniversary of his second studio album The Cool. The Chicago native is doing The Cool in its entirety with a live band, with additional dates set for Washington, D.C., Boston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. 

Tyler took to Twitter on Thursday to reflect on seeing Lupe live—and getting an unexpected shoutout.

“Seen lupe do THE COOL in full last night. amazing performer,” the Grammy-winner wrote. “Gold watch 🥲 the coolest 😎 but paris tokyo with the shoutout to me was….mannnnnnnnnn my heart jetted outta my body. loved.”

Prior to sharing his thoughts, Tyler retweeted a video showing him rapping along to “Dumb It Down.” It also got a retweet from Lupe. 

Additional videos have surfaced showing Tyler vibing out to “The Coolest” and “Dumb It Down.”   

Seemingly out of nowhere, Tyler, 31, posted a tweet last year in which he proclaimed, “We didn’t protect lupe mannnn.”

Lupe, 40, caught wind of it and reassured Tyler he’s happy and doing well, despite what the outside world may think. 

“I’m still here fam lol,” Lupe responded. “I’m happy. Family good. Life is awesome. Make my little money doing shows to Fund my lil side hustles. Joined the Illuminati. Pornography is better than it’s ever been. Chill case looking promising. Lawsuits settled. Booty muscles looking 25 again. Solid.”

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