N.O.R.E. Says He and Cam'ron Are 'Good' Following Perceived Diss

Cam’ron interpreted a remark by N.O.R.E. on ‘The Joe Budden Podcast’ as a diss toward him, but the two NYC legends are back on good terms now.

N.O.R.E. poses for photo at a book signing event.

N.O.R.E. in conversation and book signing with Rick Ross about Rick Ross book the "Hurricanes A Memoir."

N.O.R.E. poses for photo at a book signing event.

N.O.R.E. and Cam’ron appear to back on good terms. 

The Queens native shared on Twitter Monday that he had a conversation with Cam where the two were able to come to an understanding. 

“Just spoke to cam we good!!!” the Drink Champs co-host wrote.

Just spoke to cam we good !!!

— N.O.R.E (@noreaga) May 1, 2023

Cam responded by sharing the tweet on his own Instagram Stories, adding a series of hearts and a flex emoji.

Instagram by Cam the man

Their misunderstanding stems from a remark made by N.O.R.E. on The Joe Budden Podcast, which Cam’ron interpreted as a diss towards him. Cam posted a clip showing Noreaga talk about rappers who have not seen much success in their podcast ventures, before mentioning specific categories like sports and comedy. 

Even though N.O.R.E. and Joe Budden didn’t bring up a specific podcast, Cam’ron believed they were referring to his recently formed sports show It Is What It Is, which he also hosts.

“Damn @therealnoreaga told you I couldn’t trust you. Lolol. Im just fucking wit ya,” Cam wrote in the caption. “But what other rapper from the 90’s got the sports and cooking show? U know u my n***a for life. But ya man hoe buddons threw u under the bus on the very Nx episode said he didn’t know who u was talking bout. I don’t give a fuck how his numbers is N.O. Stay away from that crack head!!!!”

Budden took exception to Cam calling him “Hoe Buddons” and a crackhead, and warned him about engaging any further

While N.O.R.E. worked out his differences with Cam, there may be something still bubbling under the surface with Budden. 

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