Check Out Lil Wayne’s New $17 Million Florida Home

Lil Wayne recently threw down $17 million on a 10,632-square-foot, seven bedroom home off the coast of Miami Beach in Florida.

lil wayne

Photography by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for BACARDI

lil wayne

Lil Wayne recently upgraded his living situation, plunking down $17 million on an 11,470-square-foot Florida home located just off the coast of Miami Beach on Allison Island. Architectural Digest broke down Wayne’s new digs, which includes seven bedrooms, outdoor dining spaces, a cabana, and floor-to-ceiling windows that are 22-feet high. 

His new pad also has an entire wall of sliders that leads to the backyard. Each of the modern-themed glass and marble bedrooms, located entirely upstairs, have their own private balcony, but they all pale in comparison to what the master suite offers. In addition to having the largest of the balconies in the shape of an L, the room includes a seating area with a view of a nearby ocean inlet. There’s also a luxurious indoor movie theater with oversized loungers and suede wall coverings. Peep photos of Wayne’s house here

Last fall, the rapper sold his Miami Beach mansion for $10 million, far below his 2015 asking price of $18 million. 

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