Ari Lennox Hilariously Discusses the Perils of Dating Struggle Rappers

Ari Lennox spoke on the 'Breakfast Club' about her past relationships, including "secret rappers" who had hopes of launching their own careers.

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Fresh off the release of her sophomore studio album age/sex/locationAri Lennox stopped by the Breakfast Club for a lengthy interview touching on a wide array of topics, including traumatic experiences from dating struggle rappers and navigating the minefield of wannabe MCs.  

At the 15:35 mark above, Angela Yee brought up Lennox dating guys who turned out to be “secret rappers”—aspiring artists who aren’t initially upfront about their career aspirations until they believe the opportunity presents itself. 

Yee wondered if there’s ever been an instance where one of these men actually turned out to be “actually good,” but Lennox shot down the possibility, saying, “I will never be able to trust that you genuinely wanna be here for me, and not try to get Cole, or, you know, Dreamville or Interscope.” 

After Lennox, 31, opened up about an issue involving her personal life, Charlamagne tha God asked the singer (at the 29:40 mark up top, and excerpted below) if there was a specific struggle rapper who traumatized her.

“Oh, there’s so many,” she responded, laughing, to which Yee added, “People we’ll never hear of.” 

“Like, they just won’t say it till like, you like them,” Lennox continued. “And it’s just like, ‘Well, I’m ’bout to go to the studio.’ What?! Why—like, when, what studio?”

Ari confirmed she’s been in a relationship with someone who pretended to not know who she is, as well. She went on to bring up one relationship in particular where the unidentified person “always kinda diminished everything about me” and “pretended like the singing part didn’t even exist.” Nowadays, she’s primarily looking for someone who is “nice.” 

On Tuesday night Ari Lennox also hit the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to perform a medley of “POF” and “Waste My Time”:

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