Watch Rihanna Slay Her Performance of "Work" With Drake at the Brit Awards


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Rihanna just stopped time with her performance at the Brit Awards. She opened with ANTI intro track, "Consideration," which featured SZA coming out to croon the chorus. In a surprise appearance, Drake joined RiRi on stage to perform their "Work." Taking direct cues from their recently released video, Drake slid up behind Rihanna as the pair got down to work. From there, the two made use of their obvious chemistry dancing with each other on stage. Many had a feeling this was coming when Drake was spotted out in London on Tuesday night. Then, he suddenly was missing from his table with his crew at the Brit Awards. Rihanna definitely made up for her last-minute cancellation at the Grammys earlier this month after becoming sick.

Just earlier this week, Rihanna released the double video for "Work" and it was everything fans expected and more. Rihanna danced with Drake in a sweaty club full of people in the first video, and then the two linked up for a private party in the second video. The song reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, which counts as Rihanna's 14th No. 1 and Drake's second as a featured artist. Both of them have been with Rihanna. Check out their performance above and live stream the rest of the Brit Awards here.

Drake shared a few photos of their performance together, one of them with the caption, "Living the dream." Another caption read, "Proud of you always."

Oh yeah, we forgot to say - @rihanna just did an amazing duet with @Drake AHHHHHH! #BRITs 😱😱👊

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