Birdman's Artist Buys New Car on the Spot While Lil Wayne Is Still Waiting to be Paid by Cash Money

Birdman's new artist bought a new whip on the spot while Lil Wayne is still waiting on his money from Cash Money.

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Birdman's newest signee just dropped some big stacks of cash to buy himself a new Audi.

In the video, BTY Young'N can be seen stopping by the Audi dealership and happily paying for his new car in cash. He then proceeds to get on top of the car and drop some more stacks of cash while the dealership watches on.

If you remember, BTY was also one of the people hanging with Birdman the time back in November that he decided to buy an all gold toilet.

We can't imagine this spending is going to help the legal negotiations between Birdman and Lil Wayne in their longstanding $51 million lawsuit. The last we all heard, the pair were reportedly close to solving their lawsuit, but Birdman allegedly called off negotiations after he heard about Weezy shouting out Roc-A-Fella during his Camp Flog Gnaw performance. It's likely we'll get some more answers from Wayne's perspective when he drops his new project, Funeral. We'll just have to keep waiting to see how this one plays out.

Look how happy he is to take this idiot's money @IamAkademiks
@IamAkademiks Niggas get money from the man and run fast to give it back right away..
@IamAkademiks all that for a Audi A7? 😂😂
@IamAkademiks and he still cant pay lil wayne smh
@IamAkademiks The ignorance is strong in this one.....
@IamAkademiks birdman need to stop tricking on his new hoes and pay Wayne
@IamAkademiks oh he's throwing Wayne's money 😂
@IamAkademiks has he dropped any music tho 🤔

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