James Blake Confirms Kanye West Feature On His New Album

James Blake confirms rumors that Kanye West will be featured on his next album.

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So far we still don't know all that much about James Blake's planned third album Radio Silence, but now at least we know the rumors that the English singer was collaborating with Kanye West were on point. Speaking with Esquire for a recent interview, Blake confirmed plans to feature West as well as Bon Iver's Justin Vernon on the upcoming record. 

“I can confirm that they’re on it," Blake told the magazine, as one Redditor recently pointed out. "Kanye — I’m with him today. We’d already started on something …today we should nail something down. If it doesn’t end up on the album you know it hasn’t worked.” Whether or not Blake is enlisting West and Vernon for the same song is still unclear, but all three share a history of collaboration with Vernon credited on parts of Ye's Yeezus​ and himself featured on Blake's 2011 EP Enough Thunder

In case you missed it, Blake has also been playing a song called "Radio Silence" at his live shows, so hopefully we're almost ready for that album. 

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