Ebro Says Rae Sremmurd Don't Write Their Own Raps, Mike WiLL Fires Back

"They didn't write that," Ebro says. "Any of it."

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​Radio personality Ebro Darden and producer Mike WiLL Made-It got into a spat on twitter today over Darden's claims that Rae Sremmurd don't write their own raps.

In a year in which hip-hop fans grappled with the place of ghostwriting in the culture (thanks to a controversy over Drake's alleged use of a lyric writer), Ebro casually accused the brothers of not writing their own rhymes, saying, "They didn't write that shit. Any of it. Maybe some of it. Mike WiLL-Made It—you know that his name is Mike WiLL-Made It? He made that album. They're Kriss Kross​. It was a fabricated thing that we all liked."

Mike WiLL isn't having it. The prolific Atlanta producer took to Twitter tonight and wondered, "if Sremm didn't write they raps who tf did."

. @oldmanebro if Sremm didn't write they raps who tf did.... 🤔.... I'm waiting.........................................
@MikeWiLLMadeIt Drummer's Ear & You... And them some. Stop it...
For the record it's Ear Drummers not Drummers Ear... U all backwards lol 😂 https://t.co/cOWNNfBmob
. @oldmanebro And squad makes beats, we never wrote sremm's raps tf u talking about.
Mike Will Made It cause I made that Ma fucka sonically flow n ride on a whole nother level, Production shit, Nothing to do with their raps.
Salute to Kris's Kross, but this ain't that.
Salute to traditional hip-hop too, I'm a fan, but this ain't that either... #SremmLife
See the Problem is niggas be stuck in these old ass boxes they scared to jump out of...
Sremm was #3 overall album of the year, not #3 most lyrical classic hip hop mc that makes you feel like the 90's of the year...
How many rappers we know from Tupelo? This some Tupelo shit... #SremmLife
Bring something new to the game, streets gone respect it and gone fuck with it, it's simple... Sremm album is a gamechanger (period).
. @RaeSremmurd Dnt trip, Niggas born in the 70's not posed to be able to keep up with young niggas rapping new lingo from the 90's...
I could of sworn it was @ComplexMag list anyway 🤔? tuh! How TF u gon tell them folks what to rate they own shit from they opinions...
Respect The Art.

Complex's "Best Albums of 2015" feature sparked the debate when a trio of Complex's music staff visited Hot 97 and spoke with Ebro, Peter Rosenburg, and Laura Stylez about the list. The radio team's biggest gripe was that Rae Sremmurd's acclaimed debut featured at #3, ahead of releases from Drake and FutureMeek Mill, and more. 

Check out the tweets above and the original Hot 97 conversation below:

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