Premiere: Loelash Defeats A Bout Of Writers Block With Warped New Club Jam "Inspiration"

Let's just hope the creativity continues.


Image via Publicist


Nothing crushes the spirit quite like writers block. Staring at a blank screen hour after hour, day after day. It feels like the harder you try, the more you struggle. So when the ideas do eventually start to trickle back it can be a downright euphoric feeling. It's something every creative is all too familiar with — including London-based multi-instrumentalist Loelash, whose latest single is about just that. "Inspiration", apart from being immediately club-ready, is a pretty accurate sonic rendering of that first burst of ideas; the fizzing electronics, the bursts of sonic colour that sound like a billion neurons firing off in every direction. You can't help but be happy for him. Let's just hope the creativity continues.

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