Premiere: Take "Five Minutes" With Her From Their Debut Mixtape 'Tape #1'

Those minor keys though..

Image via Facebook

Information about the band Her is few and far between online. Still, that's all the better for letting the music speak for itself. The band's latest track "Five Minutes", which is taken from their upcoming debut mixtape Tape #1, offers some clues about the band and what they're all about. The new track is a very stripped-back affair, employing little more than a kick drum, a muted bassline and a warped guitar to form the backbone. Over that the vocals swoop and soar with marked grace and an infectious refrain to boot. Clearly influenced by Nick Cave, The Knife and a couple of others, Her translate these influences into a much more contemporary setting. But it's the simple refrain "all I need is five minutes" that carries the most weight. It's difficult to pinpoint why, beyond the minor keys, but you may well find yourself a little weepy by the time this song's over. 

If you want to feel your heartstrings tugged in real time, Her are playing at The Old Blue Last in London on Thursday, October 22 and then at Transmusicales de Rennes Festival, Parc Expo / Hall 3 in France on Thursday, December 3.

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