Jazz-Loving Soul Singer Odette Peters Marks World Mental Health Day With "What A Lovely Day"

Carrying a message of openness that couldn't be more well-timed.

Odette Peters

Image via Publicist

Odette Peters

Born and raised in Manchester, soul singer Odette Peters was introduced to greats like Diana Ross and Nina Simone from an early age and that education seems to have served her very well. Her new single, the charming "What A Lovely Day", for example, taps directly into that sort of songwriting with jazzy grooves, smooth instrumentation and a sweetly sung vocal performance. 

Landing on World Mental Health Day, "What A Lovely Day" carries a message of openness that couldn't be more well-timed. It's a message you may have heard before, but is more than worth repeating. It may not even be a case of opening up yourself, even making yourself available to those around who may want to talk can be a huge gesture in itself.

Speaking with Complex via email, Odette told us: "What A Lovely Day' is a very open and honest song. It talks about the importance of conversation with substance. It's about breaking down the stigma of being able to openly speak about mental health and wellbeing. The song is a way for me to open up, in a way than can encourage people to open up themselves too. I just want to start conversations!"

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