Mustafa Takes His Anti-Gun Message To Toronto's Regent Park On Debut Single "Stay Alive"

The track features production from Frank Dukes and James Blake.

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Last year, Toronto-raised filmmaker, creative and singer Mustafa The Poet (or just Mustafa for short) garnered a huge wave of attention with his poignant and potent anti-gun violence short film, Remember Me Toronto, which featured a surprise appearance from Drake.

Now, Mustafa's back to build on that very same message with his debut single "Stay Alive". The new track, which features production from Frank Dukes and James Blake, sees Mustafa and his friends chilling around Toronto's Regent Park as he rides the delicately arranged melodies with his timely and increasingly relevant tale of the realities of gun violence. Whatever medium he chooses next, we're sure to be hearing more of him and his sage message.

In an accompanying tweet, Mustafa commented, "Bismillah, my very first song, 'Stay Alive', is out now. It takes a village, it takes a few lifetimes... Rest In Peace to the friends I've lost, long life to the ones still living, nothing in vain, Regent Park forever."

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