Jim Legxacy Gives ‘HNPM’ Extract “Block Hug” A Fresh Set Of Visuals

Another gem from his breakout mixtape gets the visual treatment.

Video via YouTube

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Video via YouTube

Jim Legxacy’s HNPM was a triumph of a mixtape when it dropped in April. A chameleon tape, it drew from influences as broad as soul, rap, drill, indie and emo to bring his patchwork sonic vision to life.

Jim has been hailed for his sampling, his vocals, and his consistently unique visual aesthetic in equal measure. At the time, it was “Old Place” that became the runaway smash, but another track, “Block Hug”, could be about to overtake it. Centred on the inspired use of a sample from 67’s epoch-shifting “Let’s Lurk”, this is Jim at his best, repurposing the past and stitching it into something emotionally charged, nostalgic, but also entirely new.

The video, directed by Ethan and Tom, uses dark and claustrophobic shots to tell the story of Jim’s comeup, when he was balancing relationships and a tough life on the streets. 

Peep the visuals for “Block Hug” above and then revisit HNPM below.


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