Mix Up Look Sharp: The Best Mixes Of The Week

Our pick of the best mixes from the last 7 days.


Here at Complex, we understand the grind of listening to the best music each week. There's so much new music uploaded to every single platform, every single day, that following just one of your streams can become a dizzying, life-consuming task. To help you out on at least one front, each and every Friday, our music team will trawl the depths of the internet to bring you the best mixes from the past week. House, hip-hop and bass, grime, trap and techno—it'll all be represented in our picks to get you warmed up for the weekend. So let us do all the hard work; click through below and enjoy.

Crazylegs' Mix For Boiler Room

Crazylegs' input into UK club music cannot be understated. The close-knit Bristol crew, that includes Gage, Ziro, Bloom, TRC, Murlo, Deadboy, ISLAND, dJJ, Shandy, J.Morrison and more, have been leaving their stamp on UK music for years and, as this mix shows, they're more inspired than ever, and still right at the forefront of progressive club music.

Nidia Minaj's Mix For The FADER

There's a lot of club producers and DJs pushing electronic music forward in 2016. Experimentation is rife and just about everyone is playing around with what it means to make club music. However, Nidia Minaj is one of the few able to balance this progression with a sound that truly works on the dancefloor. This latest session takes big and heavy club sounds from all over the world, blending them together with recognisable flare and leaving her own stamp along the way.

Rabit's 'C2C' Mix

Probably one of the most experimental mixes we've featured in this column, Rabit's C2C mix features a lot of hip-hop bangers but in between that are noisy interludes, abrasive crescendos and caustic, industrial percussion. Fans of the Texan producer's Communion album from last year will enjoy this extension of his cerebral and occasionally challenging explorations of grime and club music.

Teeza's Mix For Say Nothing

As soon as we heard So Solid's "21 Seconds", we knew this Teeza mix had to make the cut. From that opening classic, it just gets better and better, and pretty much every other selection is a bonafide classic. Skepta's "Gunshot Riddim", Footsie's "Spookfest" and Preditah's "Circles VIP" all make appearances, rounded out with some newer cuts from the likes of Trends, JD. Reid and Rocks FOE. Absolute flames from beginning to end.

Henry Wu's Mix For Clash

Henry Wu well and truly earned his place in everyone's "ones to watch" lists last year, combining jazz, soul, and hip-hop with the kind of hazy coolness typically found on the West Coast of the U.S. So it may come as a surprise to learn that the 22a crew member is actually from Peckham—though it really shouldn't. Time and time again, south London proves itself as a sterling source of rich, eclectic music, and Wu is one of the finest examples. So shut the world out, cancel your plans and put this one on repeat. Don't worry, you can thank us later.

Maelstrom's Mix For Dummy

Deep, dark, menacing techno from French producer and RAAR co-founder, Maelstrom.

Eaves' Mix For The Astral Plane

Last year, New York producer Eaves released the ambitious (and hugely stunning) Gorilla EP. His music brings together wildly disparate styles of club and rave music into an exciting blend that's truly impressive. Here, dancehall, trance, hip-hop, ambient electronica and more are drawn together to give us one of the most personal and engaging DJ mixes we've heard in a very long time.

Fracture's Mix For Solid Steel Radio

With the release of his Hype Tracks EP (which features collabs with Deft, DJ Spinn and Taso) just around the corner on Exit Records, Fracture just turned in this glorious mix of mind-bending electronics. There's no tracklist, but Fracture did have this to say: "The mix I've put together showcases a lot of the stuff I've been playing out, some forthcoming stuff on Astrophonica and some more experimental stuff that doesn't necessarily suit the club. The genres are all quite blurred, but I guess that's becoming a bit of a cliche now..."

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