Mix Up Look Sharp: The Best Mixes Of The Week

Our pick of the best mixes from the last 7 days.


Here at Complex, we understand the grind of listening to the best music each week. There's so much new music uploaded to every single platform, every single day, that following just one of your streams can become a dizzying, life-consuming task. To help you out on at least one front, each and every Friday, our music team will trawl the depths of the internet to bring you the best mixes from the past week. House, hip-hop and bass, grime, trap and techno—it'll all be represented in our picks to get you warmed up for the weekend. So let us do all the hard work; click through below and enjoy.

DJ Die's 'Square 1 To 10 Jungle Elements' Mix For Fabriclive

A shout-out from DJ Randall, breakneck scratching and plenty of old school rave and hip-hop samples. This mix has it all. Oh, and it also has some incredibly heavy junglism. It's not all face-melty breaks, instead DJ Die takes us right through the history of the genre from the proto-jungle ashes of UK hardcore and rave past the grittier, grimier sounds, the more jazz-inflected breaks from the last decade, culminating in reggae and dancehall-influenced D&B.

Rushmore's Mix For Hyponik

Club monster and Trax Couture boss Rushmore returns with a mix that spans the full spectrum of U.S. club music and features a sizeable amount of his own productions, most of which are unreleased or previously unheard. We could prattle on about this forever, but the most important thing about this mix is that it bangs from start to finish. It really, really bangs.

Soundstream's Mix For Boiler Room

Rounding off a sun-soaked day in Berlin a few weeks ago was Soundstream, with an hour of pounding house and techno, all of it dripping with colour. There are quite a few of his own productions here, but in between that is some gold from Errorsmith & Mark Fell, DJ Deeon, Hardrive, and Funkineven.

Breakbeat Lou's Mix For Stones Throw Records

Breakbeat Lou and his old friend, Lenny Roberts, used to be responsible for the highly-revered Ultimate Breaks & Beats back in the day. Now, after 25 volumes of the series, Lou has cast his gaze beyond beat production and obscure hip-hop instrumentals to bring you another Ultimate. This live mix of 45s comes ahead of his first European tour with Peanut Butter Wolf later this month. All classic funk and soul 45s, the tour will see both DJs spinning exclusively 7-inch 45s.

T.Williams' Mix For Snowbombing

Recorded live, way back in April, T.Williams returns to Snowbombing Festival with a weighty mix of deep bass lines, shimmering melodies and some pounding house and techno classics.

Troy Gunner's 'Promo' Mix For Fabriclive

Here's a name you should make note of. Troy Gunner, who'll be making his Room One debut at Fabric on September 11, has been grinding for a little while now, honing his unique take on industrial-tinged percussive techno. Opening with Appleblim's triumphant "Auburn Blaze", this mix goes from strength to strength to strength, taking us through the finest productions Akkord, Wen & Riko, Pangaea and more have to offer.

Jason Burns' Mix For i-D

No one likes breakups. Not unless they're ruthless, sadistic sociopaths. If you don't fall into that category, and you have someone you need to have "the talk" with, why not pop this Jason Burns mix on to soundtrack it? We can't guarantee it'll make the process any less upsetting but at least you've let some cool new house music into your life. Out with the old, in with the new. Right?

KGW's Mix For 4 Seasons

4 Seasons founder KGW started out as a producer, but, over time, his productions have taken a backseat as he began putting more and more focus on DJing and management. For the 18th edition of the 4 Seasons mix series, KGW compiles an hour of driving techno to give you an exact idea of what the Bristol-based club night has to offer.

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