Sabrina Carpenter’s ‘BBC’ Line Sparks Black Fetishization Debate

The pop singer sang "Nonsense" at BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend, using a suggestive "BBC" reference in the outro.

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Pop singer and actress Sabrina Carpenter puzzled many on social media for her use of the fetishization term "BBC" during a recent performance.

The "Espresso" artist was a performer at BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend 2024 in Luton, England last weekend, where she did a live rendition of her 2022 track "Nonsense." For the song's outro, she gave it a risque flip, singing what she thought was a clever play on the NSFW term "BBC."

"BBC said I should keep it PG/BBC I wish I had it in me/There's a double meaning if you dig deep," Carpenter sang while laughing onstage.

But some social media users didn't find the line funny, especially those who are Black, considering the reference offensive and racist.

Using the term “BBC” in a sexual context does fetishize Black men and idc what y’all say. It’s very weird and telling for people, especially white people, to still use that term. It’s just not cute imo. Y’all can stop that anytime, please and thank you lmao.

— Tyler (@tyler_cov) May 28, 2024
Twitter: @tyler_cov

I’m happy someone’s finally putting my thoughts about Sabrina Carpenter’s corny and creepy outros. She’s used this BBC thing before too, she’s so unoriginal

— ozioma likes to create (@chinasa__n) May 27, 2024
Twitter: @chinasa__n

A certain demographic group pretends to fight fetishism but don't let them fool you, they're just "jealous" of not being at the center of attention, the hypocrisy of these people needs no further proof.

— OSOARROGANT (@_belladonna_666) May 27, 2024
Twitter: @_belladonna_666

The face I just made... a white woman shouldn't make racial jokes that contribute to the fetishization of black men sorry not sorry. And it's even worse bcs her actual boyfriend is very white himself. 💀

— unripe ★⁵ppIe🍏 needs to stop (@unr1pegir1) May 26, 2024
Twitter: @unr1pegir1

Can we talk about how normalized it is to casually talk about black men's penises.

— Anthony (@AnthonyGSupreme) May 26, 2024
Twitter: @AnthonyGSupreme

Although Carpenter hasn't responded to the controversy, members of her "Carpenters" fanbase have defended her, claiming the reference was simply a play on words.

wah wah wah this was a play on words, y'all can feel butt hurt somewhere else

— cowboy khalil (@l1lkha) May 29, 2024
Twitter: @l1lkha

Saying this while you currently have a white boyfriend is crazy lmfao

— Lee Elms (@JWIMYS) May 26, 2024
Twitter: @JWIMYS

Carpenter has used a variation of the "BBC" line before, one in which the actual network, BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), had to edit out of a 2023 performance of "Nonsense."

“An unedited version of the video was briefly posted in error, and the correct version is now available for viewers to enjoy,” a BBC Radio 1 spokesperson tells Billboard in 2023. The video cuts out before she says the ad-lib.

"How quickly can you take your clothes off, pop quiz/I’m American I am not British, so BBC: it stands for something different/This Live Lunge is so lit because I’m in it, innit," she sang at the time.

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The "Nonsense" performance isn't on BBC Radio 1's YouTube, but her performance of "Espresso" is. You can watch it below.

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