Meek Mill Claims He Makes $1 Million Per Song: '$62,500 Every Bar I Speak'

Some fans weren't convinced.

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It'll take quite a few racks for Meek Mill to hop on your song.

In a recent Instagram post, the Too Good to Be True co-rapper claimed he's "getting a million a song," but some followers call cap. Mill also laughed off the assumption that rap is dying off, which he elaborated on in separate X posts.

But his followers continued to claim that Mill's business dealings were false, with some questioning his money moves and comparing his label, Dream Chasers Records to Drake's October's Very Own.

Why can’t you start your own distribution company?

— 🇬🇭Mr. Wellington🇺🇸 (@_mrwellington_) November 20, 2023
@_mrwellington / Via Twitter: @_mrwellington_

The thing I don’t understand is why you don’t do more with the Dream Chasers branding in terms of clothing.

That opportunity is huge if the quality was solid.

What does the OVO clothing brand do in ARR? You’re telling me DC couldn’t do 5-10% of that? And it would be high margin

— lee (@la_da_kid) November 20, 2023
@la_da_kid (X) / Via

Following Mill's thoughts on modern streaming royalties, the Philadelphia native sent a call-out for graphic designers.

I need graphic designers … I wanna start a discord and just pay whoever can come up with the best designs for my merch I have 10 different brands

— MeekMill (@MeekMill) November 20, 2023
@MeekMill (X) / Via Twitter: @MeekMill

But Mill isn't new to the record business often being shady, which he tackled on Instagram Threads in August, challenging record executives who treat him like he’s “mentally slow.”

"Sometimes I wanna just show them how I make people really pay for trying me. Because they play a lot of mental games… but the games we play are too extreme for them. What do I do? Because one day something gone happen," he wrote.

He went on to share his willingness to make up-and-coming artists aware of the record industry schemes he almost fell for. "I'ma put my life at risk to make a big statement so this don’t continue in rap music," he continued. "They stealing all the money and they got a lawyer on their side!"

Apart from his realizations of music industry practices, Mill also caught hilarious backlash from his fans on potentially putting down the bud after Snoop Dogg revealed that his "giving up the smoke" campaign was yet another business partnership.

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