Joe Budden Responds to Cam'Ron Over Melyssa Ford Comments: 'I Stand With Mel on All Fronts'

The former rapper and podcast host made his stance clear when it comes to The Joe Budden Show co-host Melyssa Ford.

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Joe Budden stood ten toes down for his podcast co-host Melyssa Ford. In a recent episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, Ford implied that Cam'ron had sex with an underage prostitute around the time of his admitted group sex sessions with Mase. Killa vehemently denied Ford's accusations on Instagram Live and his podcast, along with threatening the former video vixen with a defamation lawsuit.

Ford refused to apologize for her comments, and on the latest episode of Budden's podcast, the titular host slammed the Dipset member, although he didn't mention him by name. Calling Cam "goofy," Budden added, "I take the high road because I'm not engaging with none of you n***as out there. Let me make myself perfectly clear."

He continued, "I don't do back and forths with none of you n***as out there, I don't do responding—I like to come in here and dictate. I dictate. I say what I need to say, you feel however you need to feel about it, and we just go our separate ways. I'm not trying to have a discourse."

Budden asserted that despite inviting guests to his podcast, he isn't trying to "relationship build" with them and that he supports Ford "on all fronts."

"I feel like it's our jobs up here to check it, which we did, with love," Budden indirectly responded to Cam. "I don't give a fuck about none of these other goofy n***as out here and what they got to say. That shit is performative and it's shenanigans."

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The podcast host went on to suggest that Cam wouldn't have an easy time trying to take legal action. "You think you got a lawsuit, call your lawyer. You got enough lawyers, I think they'll advise you against it," he said. "And I don't think n***as paper is long enough for frivolous lawsuits that they don't have a chance on winning. Call your lawyer, look up what 'defamation' means."

Budden also accused the It Is What It Is co-host of playing "algorithm games" for more viewership, while The Joe Budden Podcast can go viral without "clout-chasing."

After hearing Ford's comments on the podcast, Cam blasted her twice; once on Instagram Live and also on IIWII.  "Be careful ’cause I’ll tell you one thing I know a lot of people at ICE," he said on the podcast, regarding Ford's Canadian status. "Snipers, sharpshooters and I know people in ICE. I'll have you escorted back up across the border. Be careful. It screams desperation but we'll get a petition to get you out the country. Cut it out."

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