Cam’ron Fires Back at Melyssa Ford Insinuating He Had Sex With an Underage Prostitute: 'Cut It Out'

Ford has since backtracked on her comments but Cam rejected her apology.

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Cam'ron criticized Melyssa Ford on the latest episode of It Is What It Is after she implied the rapper might have had sex with an underage prostitute.

When Cam and his co-host Mase spoke about sex workers around the 50:30 point of the episode—during which Cam said he heard Lil Durk had a baby with a prostitute—the rappers said they shouldn't be talking about the subject because of what Ford took away from their recent story. "Last time we said something people took it way serious," said Mase, referring to when he and Cam spoke about when they had sex with a sex worker. "We're not into anything illegal, so you can stop trying to put that together. Let me put you together right quick, don't ever come for me and Killer."

Cam said that the hosts will revisit the topic later, if need be, but thought her comments screamed "desperate."

"We ain't going to give it no attention, but, tread lightly," he cautioned Ford, without naming her directly. "Be careful ’cause I’ll tell you one thing I know a lot of people at ICE. Snipers, sharpshooters and I know people in ICE. I'll have you escorted back up across the border. Be careful. It screams desperation but we'll get a petition to get you out the country. Cut it out." Mase joked, "I was gonna let you stay." Cam was adamant that he could get Ford sent back to her native Canada, suggesting it would only take "two calls."

On a recent episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, Ford brought up the story of Cam and Mase having a threesome in a brothel back in the '90s and made a very serious insinuation. "Is there a distinct possibility that there may have been underage girls in that whore house?” she questioned, to which her co-host Budden replied, "I don’t know what you’re doing, but it’s disgusting what you’re doing."

In a later episode, she apologized for her comments. "I apologize, I should never have made that insinuation," she said.

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Cam wasn't happy with her apology, though, as he later posted a picture of him with Ford on Instagram, offering up another warning. "I told the bitch 'don’t touch me' when we took this pic," he wrote. "Fuck you and ya apology!! Stay strong and Stand on business!! We just busy at the moment, we’ll get to you soon boo 😘 and nothing violent!! Before you accuse us of more shit that’s inaccurate."

Cam and Mase told their story of a brothel visit during an episode of It Is What It Is, which is what prompted Ford's insinuation. At the time, Cam made it clear on his Instagram that the encounter was consensual.

"Well, we was gangbanging bitches," Cam'ron said. "I remember one time—don't let me talk about the past—we was at this whore house, me and Murda. So we left the bitch out the whore house. I had a lil' stash crib over there on 144th between 7th and Lennox, and we brought this bitch over there."

He continued, "Mase was on the way up, he was popping, he didn't have his deal, but it was about to happen. We so Harlem the bitch sucked—pardon me ladies—she sucking his dick so I gotta wait to get my dick sucked because I'm not hard yet, pause. I ain't getting hard off her sucking his dick. So when he's done hitting it I go get head. And he's hitting it from the back. He started hitting her, 'You wasn't sucking my dick like that.' Yeah, that's my n***a."

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