Jack Harlow Says More Experienced Women Don't 'Bother' Him, It Shows She 'Knows What She’s Doing'

The "Lovin on Me" artist talked to Cam'ron and Mase about what he wants in a woman.

Come And Talk 2 Me (YouTube) / Via youtube.com

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Come And Talk 2 Me (YouTube) / Via youtube.com

Jack Harlow knows what he's looking for in a potential girlfriend.

The "Lovin on Me" artist guested on the 47th episode of Cam'ron and Mase's podcast It Is What It Is, where he talked sports but was also questioned about his Instagram Stories on 1950s condoms. After confirming that it's "incredibly rarely" that he has unprotected sex with women on the first encounter, at the 50-minute mark, Cam'ron inquired about what he looks for in a woman.

"I like dark hair. I like a baby face, [a] nice full face," he said. "I like sweethearts, you know? I just like girls who are so sweet, and that might seem a little vague, but that's just me."

Defining a "sweetheart" as a "woman with a warm presence" and "comforting," Harlow shared that his last girlfriend was interracial before being asked by Killa Cam if he cares about a woman's sexual history.

"The thing about history, is it often indicates that a woman knows what she's doing," Harlow explained. "So it don't bother me too much."

He continued, "Obviously it's nice to know that a woman hasn't been everywhere, but at the end of the day, you get to a certain age like every woman's been heartbroken by my age. So they've had a lot of experiences."

Harlow hasn't publicly dated anyone, but the rapper was last linked to British pop vocalist Dua Lipa, dedicating a song to her on his 2022 album, Come Home the Kids Miss You. The year before, he flirtatiously approached Saweetie at the 2021 BET Awards, although the move was unsuccessful.

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In December, Harlow heads back to Kentucky where he'll embark on the 3rd annual multi-city No Place Like Home Tour.

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