Jack Harlow Addresses NFL Halftime Performance, Had to 'Bring It Home' for Late Grandfather

The "Lovin on Me" rapper has an explanation for his poorly-received Thanksgiving Day performance.

Amy Lemus / NurPhoto via Getty Images

Jack Harlow was dragged for delivering a considerably flat halftime show during the Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers game on Thanksgiving Day. But the "Lovin on Me" rapper has followed up with an explanation.

In his Instagram Stories on Friday, Harlow, 25, wrote about his decision to headline the midgame show on Thursday. “On some real shit, the main thing that pushed me to say yes to this Thanksgiving halftime show aside from the opportunity itself, is how much family I have in Detroit and all of the times I spent growing up visiting the city,” he penned.

The Kentucky native also imparted a tragic story about his late great-great-grandfather, who was a Lions fan. “I kid you not, my great-great grandfather had a heart attack and passed away in the stands at the Lions Thanksgiving game in the 1960s," he said. "I’m not even bullshitting and you know I had to bring it home for bro."

Despite Harlow's heartfelt post, the jokes flew during his performance, which has been removed from the NFL's YouTube page, with some viewers claiming that he ruined the holiday. Social media users also targeted Harlow's inflated set and random hype man, who didn't seem to know all the words to "Tyler Herro."

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Harlow has since moved on from the Lions-Packers game to attend a Louisville Cardinals event on Saturday, and throughout December, the artist will perform the multi-city No Place Like Home tour in Kentucky.

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