Bryson Tiller Says “Don’t” Producer ‘Blocked His Own Blessings’ Over Drake Remix Issues

Bryson Tiller bought the beat to the 2015 hit on the music-based online community SoundClick.

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Bryson Tiller says the producer for "Don't" "blocked his own blessings" by trying to have the beat returned to him.

To promote his new self-titled album, Pen Griffey spoke to Complex and revealed that Drake was initially supposed to hop on the remix to his 2015 breakout hit "Don't." Due to miscommunication, the song's producer, Epikh Pro, wanted the beat sold back to him so he could sell it to Young Money, hoping for a shot at working with Drake. However, Tiller and The Boy were already in talks.

"He wanted to remix it. It never happened, though," Tiller said about the intended remix with Drake. "Funny story, though… The guy who produced the song, he was selling beats on SoundClick. That was where I got the beat from. I got the beat from him, and he never wanted to get on the phone to talk to me, which was weird."

Tiller continued, "The song had like 100,000 plays, and I was like, 'Yo, let's get on the phone. Let's work on more music.' And he was like, “Yo, somebody from Young Money’s camp reached out to me. They said they like the beat for ‘Don't’ a lot. I was wondering if you could sell it back to me? Because this could be big for me, bro. What if somebody like Drake or somebody wanted to get on it?'"

Eventually, the missed connection went downhill when Pro didn't take too kindly with Tiller already having an arrangement with Drake.

"He didn't even know that Drake was already on my line. So I was like, 'Yo, bro, just call me.' And after I told him that, he just spazzed on me. He was like, “Nah, I ain't doing this, man.” He just blocked his own blessings. It's crazy," Tiller said.

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Although a "Don't" remix between the two crooners didn't come to light, Tiller and Drake collaborated on "Outta Time" on Tiller's third album, Anniversary. In a 2020 interview with Genius, Tiller expressed that the collaboration was a long time coming, and that he and Drake chatted back and forth for years about working together.

"This is how it happened, actually. About eight, nine months ago—me and him have always, like, sent each other ideas or whatever," Tiller told Genius' Rob Markman. "I was supposed to be on More Life; at that time, I was just in a terrible mental space. I really couldn't deliver the proper Bryson Tiller verse for a Drake album ... it just wasn't there at all. So I ended up not getting on the project. Anyway, we still kept in contact over the years."

In the chat, Tiller shared that along with "Don't," Drake was interested in hopping on "The Sequence," also on Trapsoul.

Spoke with @brysontiller about how “Outta Time” with Drake came about. @Genius #ForTheRecord


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