André 3000 Fans Share Hilarious Reactions to News of Flute-Only Album ‘New Blue Sun’

Fans are working on accepting that André 3000's long-awaited solo album won't have any rap verses.

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Amid the shock of learning about André 3000's upcoming debut solo album, many are hilariously preparing for what will be the artist's first flute-only project.

On social media, mainly X (formerly Twitter), 3000 loyalists have gathered with jokes about his new album, New Blue Sun, which will be released on Nov. 17.

Among the memes are the jazzy Cosby Show opening, Kai Cenat dancing with Offset and friends, a scene from 2002's Drumline, and a throwback of Megan Thee Stallion twerking to a flute-playing Lizzo.

All of us listening to the Andre 3000 album when it drops 🪈🪈🪈🪈🪈

— Ave (@SebastianAvenue) November 14, 2023
@SebastianAvenue (X) / Via Twitter: @sebastianavenue

me whenever that Andre 3000 flute album drop

— bum (@BattleRapBum) November 14, 2023
@BattleRapBum (X) / Via Twitter: @BattleRapBum

Me listening to the new Andre 3000 album on Friday.

— Christina 〽️ (@ChrissyHussle) November 14, 2023
@ChrissyHussle (X) / Via Twitter: @ChrissyHussle

Andre 3000 :

— six 🇬🇭 (@Sixfever) November 14, 2023
@Sixfever (X) / Via Twitter: @Sixfever

Me when Andre 3000 drops that flute album on Friday…

— DJ Heat (@DJHeatDC) November 14, 2023
@DJHeatDC (X) / Via Twitter: @DJHeatDC

Andre 3000 bout to go crazy on that flute album

— Big Hollywood (@ChefWaites) November 14, 2023
@ChefWaites (X) / Via Twitter: @ChefWaites

Me on Thursday night when I'm four tracks deep into Andre 3000's flute album and on my 2nd Modelo and realize it's time for *me* to be the rapper on this album.

— 🐧✨America Is Musty✨🐧 (@DragonflyJonez) November 14, 2023
@DragonflyJonez (X) / Via Twitter: @DragonflyJonez

Co-produced by 3000, born André Benjamin, and multi-instrumentalist Carlos Niño, a press release reads that New Blue Sun is an "instrumental album centered around woodwinds; a celebratory piece of work in the form of a living, breathing, aural organism."

“I've been interested in winds for a long time, so it was just a natural progression for me to go into flutes,” André said. “I just like messing with instruments and I gravitated mostly toward wind.”

The eight-track LP contains some lengthy and eccentric song titles, with the introductory song acknowledging that fans have been waiting for new 3000 bars. "I Swear, I Really Wanted To Make A 'Rap' Album But This Is Literally The Way The Wind Blew Me This Time," the title reads.

"There’s this misconception that I just won't do it,” André stated about possibly releasing a rap album. “I think people feel like I'm sitting around on rap albums, or sitting around and I'm just not putting them out in that way. And no it's not like that.” He continued, “In my mind, I really would like to make a rap album. So maybe that happens one day, but I got to find a way to say what I want to say in an interesting way that's appealing to me at this age.”

Despite his hesitance to unleash new verses, 3000 last guested on "Scientists & Engineers" alongside Killer Mike, Future and Eryn Allen Kane. The 48-year-old has also appeared on songs with Kanye West, Frank Ocean,, Anderson .Paak, N.E.R.D., Kid Cudi and more in the years since OutKast's 2006 soundtrack for Idlewild.

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