Louis Culture Gets "Burst" With Kam-Bu On Reflective New Rap Cut

Vibes for days!

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Fresh from dropping his Smile Soundsystem EP, London rapper Louis Culture has shared his new Kam-Bu-assisted single, "Burst", which sees the duo hark back to their fun and mischievous days growing up in South London, while enjoying their go-to drink of choice from the corner shop.

Led by producer Pullen's twinkling guitar hook and subtle 808s, Louis Culture and Kam-Bu just need "reloads" and their "cheques" on the track, while reflecting on their past.




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"Despite spending a lot of time away from the ends for my own sanity and safety, to an extent, the years I spent there and the person it made me is something I'll forever carry with me," says Louis on the inspiration behind the track.

Kam-Bu added: "We were trying to channel nostalgia. When I heard Louis' verse, it made me remember having a little bit of pocket money and going to the shop, doing what I could: having fun, playing run-outs, man-hunt on the blocks, looking up to olders and living in the moment."

Press play on "Burst" above, and be sure to add the song to your playlists. 

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