Spillage Village Share New Album 'Spiligion' f/ Chance the Rapper, Ari Lennox, and More

Atlanta collective Spillage Village has just released their anticipated new album 'Spiligion' featuring Chance the Rapper, Ari Lennox, Masego, and more.

spillage village

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spillage village

EarthGang and J.I.D's talented Atlanta collective Spillage Village have just released their latest album Spiligion featuring Chance the Rapper, Ari Lennox, Buddy, Masego, Lucky Daye, and Big Rube. 

Spiligion has been teased since early March, and it does not disappoint. The release of its two lead singles, "End of Daze" and "Baptize" are proof of this, with both tracks showcasing the wide array of sounds utilized on the album. Each of the tracks on the project is also named after some form of religious text or scripture, with the content of the song matching what the name metaphorically evokes.

Spillage Village embodies the ever-evolving Atlanta soundscape that continues to shape its music scene. Despite going on a slight hiatus after dropping their last project Bears Like This Too Much back in 2016, the group has since grown to include artists and producers such as 6lack, Hollywood JB, Jurdan Bryant, Mereba, and Benji. 

In a recent interview with Rolling Stonethe group talked about how they remained deeply connected to what was going on outside of the studio as they worked on this project through quarantine and amidst nation-wide protests.

“One of us would read something or find out some new development and let everybody know, and we’d all be like, ‘What is going on right now? What is about to happen?’,” Mereba said. “I was able to accept that I wasn’t in control, because none of us were in control.”

Listen to Spillage Village's new album Spiligion featuring Chance the Rapper, Ari Lennox, and more down below.

The group also released the video for "Hapi," which you can check down below.

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