Remy Ma Explains Why She Doesn't 'Want a Woman Driver’ While Talking About Sexism Across Industries

Remy Ma recognized her own bias when talking about sexism across industries during an interview with Ebro Darden, Peter Rosenberg, and Laura Stylez.

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Remy Ma is a vocal supporter of women across several industries, especially in hip-hop, but during her recent interview with Ebro in the Morning, the rapper talked about how she can sometimes play into negative stereotypes towards women as well.

During the hour-long interview, Ma took several moments to champion women and talked about people adding “female” as a prefix to different titles like “rapper,” “judge,” and more adds to stereotypes that their inferior at their job compared to a man. While she talks about how that's a problem, she also said that she never chooses women Uber drivers because she believes women can’t drive.

“That’s my biggest thing, if I see it I’m declining it,” Ma said at the 14-minute mark of the interview. When Peter Rosenberg asked her why she declines women drivers, the rapper doubled down. “Because I don’t want a woman driver, period. Because most women can’t drive, I’m sorry.” 

Ma clarified, however, that she herself drives amazingly.

“I drive amazingly, I’m Nascar fast car,” she said. “But, for the most part, one time I got into the car [with a women driver] and I was peeling the skin off my eyelids… I’m telling you I know it’s a problem because I do it in certain instances, and I am a whole woman that is all for female empowerment, but I don’t want a woman driver.”

Most of these comments were said in jest, and Remy says that she used her own bias as an example to show that women can sometimes discredit each other in different fields, which adds to the problem. She concluded by saying that there is no job that a man is naturally better at than a woman, and that we all need to work together in order to end these stigmas. 

Watch Remy Ma’s entire interview with Ebro in the Morning up top.

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