Pusha-T Calls Jay-Z 'The Best Rapper, Period'

In a new interview, Pusha-T discusses why he thinks Jay-Z is the greatest rapper, and also what it was like working with Ye and Pharrell on 'It's Almost Dry.'

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Pusha-T is one of the few artists who have been blessed with more than one Jay-Z feature in their career, and in a recent interview, he discussed how Hov is the greatest rapper ever.

“Hov, to me…he’s the best rapper, like, just period,” Pusha told SiriusXM’s Swaggy Sie in the clip above. The two all-time artists reconnected on Push’s new album It’s Almost Dry, and the Clipse member went on to explain how the collaboration on “Neck & Wrist” came about.

“I’ll basically just write the verse, lay the hook down, I do everything and just send it to him with a space open. … He’ll hit back, and this particular time he was like, ‘Man, what you want me to say to this, man? You going crazy!’ And I was like, ‘Man, just, you know, turn it up like…’ I only send records to him when I feel like there’s more needed to the record and there’s nothing else I can really say to it. Where he’s made it in his career and in his life, he can always add an uptick to the record. I can’t say what he says.”

Before the album dropped last Friday, Pusha-T shared how grateful he was for being considered one of the greatest “coke rappers,” alongside the likes of Jeezy and Hov.

Elsewhere in the interview, King Push talked about what it was like working with Ye and Pharrell on the production of the album, and how he believes Kanye is a “hip-hop purist.”

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“I think Ye, at his heart of hearts, is a hip-hop purist,” Push said. “He’s ’90s, 2000s-level, that’s where he wants to be at. And I feel like when he works with me, that’s all I want to make. … He knows that when we get together it’s a whole lot more fun because it’s about nothing else but the hardest records.”

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