Future Sits Down With Dating Advisor Kevin Samuels and Is Asked How Much He's Spent on Women in "Worst Day" Trailer

Future sat down with viral dating advisor and relationship counselor Kevin Samuels in the trailer for the rapper's forthcoming track, "Worst Day."

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Future and viral dating advisor Kevin Samuels linked up to have a therapy-style conversation about the rapper’s bad habits in the trailer for Future’s new single “Worst Days.”

Future shared the Daps-directed teaser on social media and YouTube, which features himself and Samuels discussing his addiction with spoiling the women he dates.

“Last year, how much would you say you spent on women,” Samuels asks Future in the trailer, which is set up to look like an intervention for the rapper to discuss his addiction with splurging on dates. “Probably I’d say around two, three…three million. Every time I see a beautiful woman, I have to splurge. I have to spoil em,” Future says in response.

The trailer sets up Future’s new single, “Worst Days,” which will presumably have something to do with the shopping sprees he takes his dates on. Samuels is a fitting guest to be featured in the trailer because he has become a polarizing and controversial figure due to his approach to relationship guidance. The self-proclaimed “professional image consultant” has been known to publicly humiliate men and women on his social media pages when they join him and ask for his advice on finding a partner, which has lead to criticism.

In other news, Future is executive producing Kanye West’s next album, Donda 2, which is scheduled to drop on Feb. 22. 

Although a specific date was not provided, the trailer teases that “Worst Days” is coming soon. Watch Future and Kevin Samuels have a therapy session about dating up top and stay tuned for the full video. 

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