Frank Ocean Fans React to Singer Being Spotted at LAX Wearing Wig

Frank Ocean was spotted at Los Angeles International Airport trying to remain incognito by wearing a black wig, a new look for the reclusive artist.

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Frank Ocean was spotted at LAX on Tuesday trying to remain incognito by wearing a black wig, a new look for the reclusive artist.

TMZ photographers still managed to be intrusive and ask Frank a series of questions while he was attempting to keep a low profile as he maneuvered through the airport. He didn’t answer, but the new wig was clearly visible. Frank’s close friend and collaborator Tyler, the Creator, of course, has had many defining wig moments of his own

Many on social media were frustrated with the paparazzi for not giving Frank any personal space and brazenly continuing to grill him while he was obviously on the phone and trying to avoid attention.

Ocean has maintained a notably low profile for a while now, but to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of his album Channel Orange, the artist shared two new episodes of Blonded Radio on Apple Music. While talking to Dr. James Fadiman about psychedelics, Frank mentioned he had been working on something in Malibu.

“Forgive how, like, free associative this might feel. … I was working in Malibu this summer and I would go out, like, pretty late from the studio and there’s, like, a big population of coyotes in Malibu,” Ocean said. “And then when I would go outside I would see, like, all these bunnies running around and it reminded me of video games where you’re, like, a wizard or something. And you’re playing this role in this game and you’re running around and you have these little things to pick up and put in the pouch.”

Little is known about what Ocean has been recording in Malibu, but for fans searching for any new music from the artist, the Blonded Radio tidbit was welcome news.

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