Brent Faiyaz Delivers New Track "Show U Off"

Brent Faiyaz has returned with another new song, "Show U Off," where the singer highlights why you should be appreciated and showed off regularly.

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The smooth lyrical stylings of  Brent Faiyaz have returned once again, this time in the form of his new song “Show U Off,” which focuses on the importance of highlighting the significant women in your life.

Whenever Brent drops, he’s always going to offer something worthwhile. “Show U Off” is just the latest example of that, with the singer creating melodies around the ideas of love and affection, both familial and in a relationship. Usually talking about things a little more toxic, Brent is extremely wholesome on this track, wanting to emphasize his affection rather than shun or hide it. The visuals for “Show U Off” emphasize this with Brent celebrating women by highlighting some of his own family in the music video.

Brent Faiyaz dropped his last song, “Gravity,” featuring Tyler, the Creator before releasing this. Different in subject matter than “Show U Off,” “Gravity” is a song that is about trying to take your lover with you as you reach new heights because they help keep you grounded. The track also marks the first time Brent and Tyler have ever joined forces on a song.

Beyond these last two tracks and a handful of loosies dropped in between, it’s been a pretty productive year for Brent Faiyaz thus far. Fans are still reeling from his last project, Fuck the World, and anxiously awaiting its follow-up. If “Show U Off” and “Gravity” are any indication of where his next project is going, it doesn’t look like he’ll disappoint.

Listen to Brent Faiyaz’s new song “Show U Off” down below.


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