Best New Music This Week: Pusha-T, Megan Thee Stallion, Southside, and More

Complex's best new music this week includes songs from Pusha-T, Megan Thee Stallion, Southside, Travis Scott, Future, Daniel Caesar, Ed Sheeran, and more.

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New music releases are heating up as we get deeper into the spring. Pusha-T finally dropped his long-awaited album It’s Almost Dry, featuring the soulful, Kanye-assisted track “Dreamin’ of the Past.” Megan Thee Stallion is back with her fiery anthem “Plan B,” and Southside tapped Travis Scott and Future for their new collab “Hold That Heat.” This week’s list also includes new songs from Tay Keith, Daniel Caesar, Ed Sheeran and more.

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Pusha-T f/ Ye, “Dreamin’ of the Past”

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“Dreamin of the Past” is a soulful record that gives Pusha-T a chance to rap over soulful Kanye West production, as he reflects on the road to success and looks back on the luxury he’s been afforded. “It’s levels, it’s layers, so pray for the players, uh/ We hollowed the walls in back of bodegas, uh (And my heart was beatin’ fast)/ I got plenty, it’s so many, yeah/ They say, ‘Gimme, he got plenty, yeah’,” he spits over a sample of Donny Hathaway’s 1972 cover of John Lennon’s “Jealous Guy.” Ye also lends his vocals to the fourth verse, rapping, “I used to watch The Fresh Prince and pray the house would be mine/ Coulda bought it, but I ain’t like the way the kitchen design.” In April, Pusha-T revealed Ye originally produced the beat for his album, Donda, but it eventually ended up on It’s Almost Dry

Megan Thee Stallion, “Plan B” 

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“Plan B” is a candid single from Megan Thee Stallion that finds the Houston hottie addressing a former fling who mistreated her. “Dear fuck nigga, still can’t believe I used to fuck wit’ ya/ Poppin’ Plan B’s ‘cause I ain’t planned to be stuck wit’ ya,” Meg raps over a retro style beat. While Megan seems to be rapping from personal experience, her confidence and rawness is relatable, encouraging others to follow her lead. “Plan B” is expected to be a new single from Megan Thee Stallion’s forthcoming album. 

Southside f/ Travis Scott & Future, “Hold That Heat” 

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“Hold That Heat” is a hypnotic trap record from Southside that unites the producer with Travis Scott and Future. The song represents the first new music Travis has released since the Astroworld tragedy, and he delivers a haunting chorus before transitioning into the first verse where he raps about his wealth, women, and status. “Inside and outside, it was ninety degrees/ Now it’s big tables with lot of us seat/ Mafia shit, G, you gotta compete (Gotta compete),” he recites. Future follows with a dizzying verse of his own, spitting, “Yeah, I came out the streets with a demon, yeah/ Stay high and creep low on the demon, yeah/ I’m clutchin’ the pole, I’m a slinger, yeah/ I got a main bitch but I mingle, yeah.” 

Tay Keith f/ Gunna & Lil Durk, “Lights Off”

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On “Lights Off,” producer Tay Keith taps Gunna and Lil Durk. First, Gunna sets the pace of the track with a slick verse about his come-up, before bragging about his material wealth. “I’m a big dog, money tall like King Kong/ Heard them millions talk, went and bought me three phones/ Rockin’ Vlone, told the ho, ‘Leave me Vlone’,” he raps. Then Lil Durk brings the energy with a catchy verse, rapping, “I’m a gangster, take care of my block, I’m like my daddy/ I ain’t gon’ lie, surrounded by some killers, I can’t go live/ I ain’t gon’ lie, fightin’ a murder with a public defendant, you better not try.” 

Daniel Caesar f/ BADBADNOTGOOD, “Please Do Not Lean”

Daniel Caesar is back with Canadian band BADBADNOTGOOD. On “Please Do Not Lean,” Caesar delivers soft vocals, as he seemingly sings to his bride-to-be. Though they’re soon to be wedded, it appears their relationship is crumbling, so Caesar gives her permission to leave. “It’d break my heart but I’d understand if you’d/ Leave me for another man with a little/ Less on his mind, less on his plate/ Less in his brain,” he sings. “Please Do Not Lean” is expected to appear on Daniel Caesar’s next album. 

Blxst f/ Rick Ross, “Couldn’t Wait for It” 

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“Couldn’t Wait For It” is a smooth track that finds California artist Blxst discussing his ambition to be the best in the game, ryhming, “I don’t really stress over pressure, I think big/ Who am I if I don’t take it further than Nip did?/ Had dreams of being an owner since this big/ Gotta set the bar even higher and switch gears.” The track also features Rick Ross, who lays down slick and braggadocious bars about his million-dollar yachts and riches. “Couldn’t Wait for It” is a standout out from Blxst’s new album, Before You Go.

Ed Sheeran f/ Lil Baby, “2Step (Remix)”

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The “2Step (Remix)” is an upbeat, pop track with rap influence that finds Ed Sheeran testing out different flows as he attempts to dance away the struggles that come with life. “We’ll go all night/ Two-steppin’ with the woman I love/ All my troubles turn to nothin’ when I’m in your eyes, electrified/ We’ll keep turnin’ up and go all night,” he sings on the chorus. Lil Baby crosses over in the pop lane, while staying true to his sound as he raps about losing track of time with a girl. The “2Step (Remix)” appears on the deluxe edition of Ed Sheeran’s album =.  

Redveil, “pg baby”

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“Pg baby” is a smooth single from Redveil that pays homage to the rapper’s hometown of Prince George’s County in Maryland. Over a sample of Band of Theives’ 1976 track “Love Me or Leave Me,” Redveil delivers an energetic and bar-heavy verse that covers different aspects of his come-up. “Every season Imma blast off and reach that different level/ Got my head up on a swivel and my hand close to the metal/ Get the medal,” he raps. “Pg baby” is a standout from Redveil’s latest album, learn 2 swim

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