Best Show Ever? 8 Complex Staffers Recall Their Collective Yeezus Experience

The Yeezus tour when through NYC like a tornado.

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Last night, Kanye West graced the stage at Madison Square Garden as part of the fourth and final New York City stop of the Yeezus tour. Kanye has been on the road since late October when the tour kicked off in Seattle and he'll keep at it until late December with things wrapping up in Toronto. But NYC is always special.

It's special good and special bad. New York audiences are famously jaded. There's a lot of people that see a lot of shows. And, also, a higher premium on being "cool" and hard-to-impress. Relatedly, there's a media at the shows—people with bigger writing/tweeting/filming/Instagraming. So in this way, it can make a NYC show seem like a bigger deal than it is when an artist plays somewhere else. The thing is, with the stakes raised, when an artist comes through and knocks everybody's socks off—everybody super-cool, surely black, New York City socks—it is a bigger deal.

Complex was in the building for all four shows—different staffers different nights. So we got together to recall and share our different Yeezus experiences. There's a lot to be said, but here's the main takeaway: If you're thinking about buying tickets, but are worried about the price, just do it. You won't regret spending the money, you'll only regret not going. This show is worth it. Find out why...

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Writer: Brandon Jenkins
Venue / Date
: Barclays Center / Nov 20
Seat Number: Sec 22, Row 9, Seat 1

Favorite Part: "Coldest Winter" took the prize for me. Dude was hanging off the edge of a cliff while lake-effect snow rained down in the arena. I legitimately wanted to shed a tear and call my mom. A thug tear. Closely following that was hearing the entire crowd scream "Hurry up with my damn croissants!" with their fists raised a la the black power movement. What encases all of the moments for me is realizing that a lot of what this dude is saying is actually relatively reasonable considering his life.
Level Of Kanye Fandom: Fairly high. It's tapered off at moments, but I can't deny that dude's musical contributions.
Number Of Times I've Seen Kanye Before: 2 (WTT, Governors Ball)
Overheard: "Yo, can you shut the fuck up please?" - One guy to a couple who decided to chat about some girl they didn't like during Kanye's rant visual steam of consciousness. He said it so perfectly, that it didn't even sound rude. But they did indeed shut the fuck up.

Totally worth the money. It brought new life into his entire catalog, as well as his out-of-studio ventures and events. You understand him better and leave feeling a little bit inspired, like, "Shit man, I can build a mountain indoors too." I hope people that read this and have gone to the show can cosign that anyone who is fanning out about his performance is probably still not doing it justice. And for anyone who is going to an upcoming date, you will undoubtedly have an amazing time. 


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