Kanye West on Barack Obama: "He Was Just Trying to Be Cool in A Room Full of People That Would Be Judging Him Also"

Kanye also gave a clarification on what he likes to call his "rants."

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Kanye West gave another interview, this time on The Russ Parr Morning Show in Washington D.C. Right out the gate, Kanye was asked about the time when President Barack Obamacalled him a "jackass," and whether or not he was upset about it. Kanye said he wasn't, adding: "He was just trying to be cool in a room full of people that would be judging him also. It's just like 'Ye, I know you can take that one on the chest so let me just say that right now.'"

Kanye also spoke about what changes fatherhood have inspired in him, the things and people that impress him, and the crazy things paparazzi will say to get his attention (Kanye said that one time paparazzi called him and Scott Disick "the mother's brothers" to get a reaction). On the topic of ranting, Kanye said that he does not like when people call his mid-concert speeches "rants" because the word has a negative connotation. According to Kanye, the correct phrase is "visionary stream of consciousness."

Kanye gave more interviews at other D.C. radio stations. Below is an excerpt of an interview in which he claimed that his relationship with Kim Kardashian will be the point of reference for the future of interracial relationships.

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UPDATE 11/27/13: In part two of his appearance on the Russ Parr Morning Show, Kanye talks about his relationship with Jay Z after critcizing "Suit & Tie.": "Me and Jay Z are brothers. For me to do what I do, when I do my streams of consciousness, I have to get Jay Z's blessing to even get my voice out there." Watch the rest below.

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