Kanye West Spoke About Bad Advice, Tesla, and Jodorowsky Last Night

"This is only the beginning."

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Kanye West delivered a rousing speech last night at the Barclays Center for the first of four nights in New York City on the Yeezus Tour. Speaking for nearly ten minutes, Kanye started by telling the audience about the former head of a "multi-billion dollar company" who told him that he shouldn't be speaking the way he has been speaking in recent interviews. He then went on to reject that notion, explaining that since he had the voice and platform, it was his job to make these statements, because he has nothing to lose. He concluded by saying that being a "creative genius" means that he is burdened by ideas that keep him up at night, ideas that he must bring to fruition to help the world.

Along the way, he name-dropped inventor Nikola Tesla and director Alejandro Jodorowsky as examples of creatives whose ideas had been stolen and have remained uncredited. As Kanye put it, he just wants to "slightly advance out of Tesla's basement."


Tonight, Kanye will perform at the Barclays Center for the second night in a row. Tomorrow, he heads to Washington D.C., but he will return to NYC to perform two dates at Madison Square Garden starting on November 23.

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