Lupe Fiasco Goes After Kid Cudi and Azealia Banks on Twitter

It all started with Kendrick Lamar's Billboard interview.

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Another day, another Twitter beef. Lupe Fiasco has been exchanging words on Twitter today with Kid Cudi over the comments Kendrick Lamar made in his Billboard interview. In response to Lamar's comment that read "What happened to [Michael Brown] should've never happened. Never. But when we don't have respect for ourselves, how do we expect them to respect us? It starts from within," Cudi shared his own opinions on Twitter, as well.

Lupe, who has publicly supported the sentiment, fired back at Cudi. And that's when things got ugly. 

As you may recall, Lupe was one of the people who reached out to Cudi during his struggle with drug use. "Every time I see that man, it's nothing but love—I saw him a little after it, and he was like 'I'm worried about you, man, just checking in," Cudi said about Lupe during his 2010 Complex cover story Cudi said. " He's somebody who I know really genuinely gives a fuck. 

Cudi hasn't been the only rapper feuding with Lupe. Yesterday, he got in an argument with Azealia Banks that was also sparked by Lamar's comments. Banks directly called out Lupe for agreeing with Kendrick, and the back-and-forth quickly became personal. 

While it's great to see artists strongly support their opinions on social issues, this has been an unattractive way for it to play out. Civil discourse is one thing, but there's no place for personal attacks in a nuanced conversation. The timing is also suspect on Lupe's end, considering his new albumTetsuo & Youth, is due out Jan. 20. 


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