Virgil Abloh on Creating Lil Uzi Vert’s ‘Luv Is Rage 2’ Cover Art

Virgil Abloh talks about the creative process behind the 'Luv Is Rage 2' cover art he created.

After a very, very long wait, Lil Uzi Vert's Luv Is Rage 2 is finally available for your consumption. That news was first announced via Lil Uzi's Instagram, which also showed off the cover art that was put together by designer Virgil Abloh. Peep it above.

Abloh (who *cough, cough* will be at the 2nd annual ComplexCon this November *cough, cough*) talked to the Fader on Thursday night, mere minutes before the album's official release, about a multitude of topics, one of which was the creative choices behind the cover that they eventually settled on.

After talking about how the 23-year-old Philly rapper reached out to him in the "final hours" of his project, and Abloh is directing a soon-to-be-released Uzi video, the designer talked about the cover (which was one of many available alternatives)—specifically, the idea behind it.

"These covers are a prequel to in-depth creative back-and-forth using all of our different assets," he said via phone. "He believes in me and I believe in him and it's us doing this crash of things that are in our own head. That OFF-WHITE tape is an additive to the content and it's emblematic of just how we think without practical terms. That cover it just comes up as an expression."


He also explained how the cover is similar to the Off-White collaboration that he did with Nike:

The Fader: The cover reminds me of your work with brands — making OFF-WHITE exist right next to the thing we know already. What was the thinking behind that here?

Finally, the Fader asked him whether there was any hesitation about the placement of the Off-White tape for the cover they settled on. On that subject he spoke about the creative back-and-forth that comes about when two people with track records try to come up with a compromise that will keep both of their brands happy.

"You can look at Lil Uzi and know he has a strong opinion about his aesthetic," he responded. "He comes to creative from a whole different place. I pride myself in collaborating and being a creative director, and creative direction isn't putting my opinion first. It's supporting an artist so they get the most out of the project. I think it's a lost art in a way. Many people sort of want to be a creative director, but it's an awesome position to be able to support any artist's vision to get that out."

He also talked about how he first met Uzi, what makes the rapper unique, and the process behind creating the upcoming "XO Tour Llif3" video. Check out the whole interview over at the Fader.

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