Nicki Minaj Boosts Instagram Following of Security Guard Who Let Fan Rap in Store

Nicki Minaj's social media love for a security guard who let one of her fans rap at the Zara he was working at has boosted his social media reach.

Nicki Minaj

Image via Getty/C Flanigan

Nicki Minaj

After a successful appeal to the public, Nicki Minaj has tracked down a security guard, Michael, who let one of her fans, Zha Chanel, rap at the Zara where he was working. Cue up a supporting visual which, in this instance, is footage of Chanel’s performance off Minaj’s IG page. Note that Michael initially reacts how one would expect a security guard to act, but then after about two seconds appears to internally say alright, whatever:

Chanel performed a cover of “Whole Lotta Money,” the BIA track on which Minaj is featured on, and Michael went viral, at least amongst Barbz and other followers of Minaj, for looking the other way and allowing it to happen. Minaj shared a re-post of the clip. She also put out a message looking for the guard’s details. It was this message:

A message from Nicki Minaj to her followers.

According to TMZ (who spoke to the security worker), Chanel and the manager of the store attempted to relay over the information being sought out. The outlet continues to say that, after Minaj verified he was who she was looking for, she started liking his Instagram posts, which led to several fans of hers doing the same. Also, his follower count reportedly went up (again, according to TMZ) because she tagged him in her stories on Monday.

Here’s an(other) visual example to help, this time courtesy of his social media:

Nicki Minaj likes

This is a very specific-to-this-era reward. Michael is reportedly very pleased with it. In addition to the greater online reach, Minaj is apparently set to gift him with something else, though “something else” is all we know at the moment.

To sum up, again, he appears to be very happy with the response. He’s not sure if he will get in trouble at work. It also does not sound like that’s a huge concern. 

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