Kanye West's Dome-Like Housing Prototypes Have Been Taken Down

Consider the deadline met...with time to spare.

Kanye West captured by paparazzi.

Image via Getty/James Devaney

Kanye West captured by paparazzi.

In July a bunch of dome-like concept homes designed by Kanye West and his team appeared in Calabasas. These houses were reportedly created to bust up the class system within the increasingly pricey housing market, and they were also reportedly prototypes spread across 300 acres of West's land. 

Unfortunately for Kanye, it was reported that the prototype homes were in violation of building codes on account of the fact that permits were never acquired to put them up. 

Neighbors who lived near the construction site aired complaints to the L.A. County Dept. of Public Works (due in part because construction was occurring late at night, and on Sundays...which isn't allowed), which spurred action in the form of inspectors coming to evaluate the site. It was also reported that Kanye had 45 days to acquire property permits or the prototypes would have to be torn down.

In either event, an inspector who arrived upon the site was told that the domes were impermanent, and that they were part of a "production." If true, such temporary structures would make permits unnecessary.

After neighbors aired more complaints the inspector came back and noticed that the domes were built upon a concrete foundation, which caused him to be skeptical of the impermanent claim. At the time it was reported that Yeezy's team was standing by the fact that they were temporary prototypes, while also assuring the bureaucratic powers that be that they (and their concrete bases) were still set to eventually be removed.

Fast forward to Monday, and it looks like eventually has arrived. TMZ is reporting that the domes appear to have been destroyed. The deadline imposed upon Kanye and Co. was September 15, and TMZ is stating that all but a single prototyped had been wiped from the earth with roughly a week to spare.

If you're interested, the outlet has included aerial pictures that were captured on Monday showing barren land where a trio of domes previously sat. In addition to, uh, the whole lot of nothing, there was also some rubble, a dump truck, and a single remaining "small dome-ish tower." Those things are still set to be gone by this Sunday's deadline.

Keep your eyes peeled for that "future production." Interestingly, it was recently reported that Kanye purchased property in Wyoming for a cool $14 million. And those of you planning on building your own future deck, patio, or your very own egalitarian community,...heed the warning on filing for permits.

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