Jim Jones Explains How JAY-Z and Cam'ron Reunited for B-Sides Concert

He relayed the anecdote as part of an upcoming 'Rap Radar' podcast.

Jay Z and Cam'ron

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Jay Z and Cam'ron

Back in April, JAY-Z and Cam'ron reunited at the former's B-Sides 2 show at New York City's Webster Hall. The combo was a surprise for those in attendance, and doubly so if you were aware of the previous beef that the gesture seemingly put an end to.

Now, thanks to Jim Jones, we know how the moment ultimately came together. He shared as much with Brian Miller and Elliott Wilson in a Rap Radar podcast episode that's set to be released in full this upcoming Friday.

Jones said that the whole thing started with him getting "a call" that he originally thought might be about getting tickets to the show. But it took just a few seconds to learn that wasn't the case.

"I got a call saying JAY about to do a special B-side concert," Jones said to the hosts. "And I'm like 'Cool, can I get some tickets? What's up?' I thought that was the call that he was pulling up. They like 'Yo, he wants to perform Welcome to New York City.'"

Jones referred to that as a "historic hip-hop session" and then he went on to reveal what we already know (since it's June and all) but what he was learning in real time.

"They asked me and now I'm like 'Come on, don't do this to me,'" he said. "Like, why y'all putting me under this one? Like I'm just listening and in my mind I'm like fuck it. I'm just asking a question [to Cam]. He's going to say 'yeah' or he's going to say 'no'. But in my mind I'm like...if you know Cam this could...cause some shit...or...might not even sweat it. Might just say some slick shit and leave it alone and all that shit. So...yeah, hopefully he like 'yup.'"

Jones said he immediately reached out to fulfill the request.

As he put it, "Right after I got the call I called him, I said 'Yo, JAY is doing the B-Side concert, right?' [Cam] like 'Yeah.' [And I say] 'He trying to perform Welcome to New York City' and they wanted me to know if maybe you might just want to perform. You know, I don't know, you know I'm just trying to do what I do.' He like, 'Yeah run it. Let's do it.'

Stay tuned for the full episode. 

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