Jay Z put the entire rap game—and even Eric Benét​—on notice when 4:44 was released, dropping an unexpectedly great album at age 47. Though there were critics out there who believed his time had come and gone following Magna Carta Holy Grail, Jay Z came out and proved once again how he's been able to be at the forefront of hip-hop for so long.

A rejuvenated Jay Z came prepared with lots of ammunition for his critics and enemies, including one brief sequence on "Moonlight." Using the signature "huh!" ad-lib from his frenemy Kanye West, Jay came pretty direct: "Look, I know killers, you no killer, huh?!" It was seen by most as a reference to Kanye's infamous rant from the Saint Pablo Tour, in which he pleaded with Jay Z, "I know you got killers please don't send 'em at my head, just call me. Talk to me like a man."

But there's another interpretation in there if you alter the interpretations, transforming the bar to, "Look, I know killers, you know Killa, huh?!" It's still a reference to the Saint Pablo incident, but it's also a bit of a dig at Cam'ron, a.k.a. Killa Cam, who is potentially being denigrated for simply having a connection to Kanye. Yeezy has even shown love for Cam on wax, claiming he puts North West in the same pink fur Cam used to rock.

Cam'ron isn't one to take shit from anybody—the man went on The O'Reilly Factor and clowned all over Fox News, after all—and while sharing a snippet of new music, Cam is heard referencing Jay's bar in an upcoming new song.

The "you no/know killer/Killa" line kicks off the song, and there's even another callback to "Moonlight" at the end of the sequence, when Cam'ron says, "R.I.P. to Mike but I'm the real Thriller." Jay told rappers in general to, "Stop walkin' around like y'all made Thriller" on his song, and Cam appears to be throwing that line back in Jay's face.

Cam'ron does explain that he's not interested in any beef with "the family," but the fact that he wasn't willing to let sleeping dogs lie is sort of interesting since his beef with Jay has long since been over. The two don't occupy the same lane anymore, and they only temporarily did anyway, but Killa wanted to make sure the big homie knew he's always listening.

Perhaps we'll see this pop up on Cam's upcoming project, The Program, which was expected in May but is still in development for the time being. The mixtape is supposed to lead into Cam's next album, Killa Season 2, which is believed to be coming following the mixtape release. Until then, hold onto this snippet and a couple decades worth of The Diplomats. You should be OK for a little bit longer.