Future Is Not Happy About Russell Wilson's Involvement in His Son's Life

The saga of Future, Russell Wilson and Ciara just took another turn.

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Tensions between Future and Ciara—and by extension/association, Russell Wilson—have slowly but surely reached a fever pitch this week as Future does the promo rounds for his new album Dirty Sprite 2. Naturally, Ciara, ex-fiancé and mother of his youngest child, has come up in everything from hisLike I Never Left documentary to appearances on HuffPost Live, where he's commented on the dissolution of their relationship and even the musical direction she chose for her album which he and Mike Will worked on.

Future seemed nonchalant when discussing the matter, even though some of his comments inspired CiCi to let off a few subtweets. But his demeanor changed on the Breakfast Club this morning when the discussion turned to Ciara and her new, celibate relationship with the Seattle Seahawks quarterback. Future, it seems, isn't bothered by the relationship itself, but is extremely unhappy at Russ' very public interactions with his and Ciara's son (also named Future). "If I was a kid, and my momma had some dude pushing me, I would've jumped out the stroller and slapped the shit out of him. You never do that in our community...you've only known this dude for a few months and bring him around your son, who does that?!" Future maintains that Ciara could easily have a team of nannies and assistants to help her with Baby Future while she gets to know Russ and that he's not for all of the "publicity stunts." 

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