T.I. Thinks Candace Owens Is Being Used for Propaganda

Tip explains why he thinks conservatives gravitate toward Owens. 

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T.I. and Candace Owens are on two opposite ends of the political spectrum. During an interview with Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning, Tip explained why he thinks conservatives gravitate toward Owens. 

"She's being used for propaganda," Tip said about four minutes into the interview. "Whether she understands it or recognizes it or not—which I believe she does—she's being used for propaganda." 

TI calling Candace Owens out on her bullshit...pic.twitter.com/pqU62M5Fn1

— Koko ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏿 (@Kokomothegreat) September 20, 2019

T.I. and Owens made headlines following their debate at September's Revolt Summit, where Owens tried to defend Trump's controversial slogan: "Make America Great Again." This prompted the rapper to ask Owens when America was ever great for people that look like them.

"The period when women couldn’t vote, the period when we were hanging from trees, or the crack era? Which period in America are you trying to make America like again?" T.I. probed.

Candace Owens just said in a House hearing on violent white supremacy that white supremacy and white nationalism is not a problem pic.twitter.com/QXiUVo8vQu

— jordan (@JordanUhl) September 20, 2019

Shortly after their discussion, Owens visited Congress and claimed that white supremacy is not a big threat to black Americans. "White supremacy and white nationalism is not a problem that is harming black America," Owens said. She then went on to claim that the Democratic party—not Republicans—uses black Americans as "props." 

The idea of black people aimlessly following Democratic policies has been one of Kanye West's talking points in recent times. Kanye co-sign Owens at one point, but the artist decided to distance himself from Owens and the Blexit movement.

When asked if Owens was attempting to use Kanye as propaganda, T.I. said that he believes the two have had similar experiences that resulted in them sharing some of the same views.

"It's an Anakin Skywalker story I feel like with Kanye and with her," T.I. continued. "The people who they wanted validation and acceptance from so much kinda turned a cold shoulder to them and left them out the group message so long that they were like, 'Fuck yall. I'ma go over here and be cool with them.'"

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