Southside Responds After Father Writes ‘You Kan Keep Trying to Pay People to Kill Me’ on Instagram

In a series of IG Stories post, the producer’s father, Pharaoh, lashed out at his son for "betraying" the people that helped make him a star.

Record Producer Southside

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Record Producer Southside

Southside got wrapped into a family feud when his father decided to attack him on social media.

In a series of Instagram Stories posts on Wednesday, the producer’s father, Pharaoh, lashed out at his son for “betraying” the people that helped make him a star.

“Tattoos on your face and carrying guns don’t make you a gangster. Real gangsters don’t choose to be gangsters, we don’t have a choice. It comes from growing up poor,” Pharaoh wrote. “You a RICH BITCH that betrays everybody that helped you become rich & famous,” said Southside’s father about the 808 Mafia producer. “You lieing to the WORLD like you did it all by your self. I’m telling the TRUTH ABOUT YOU.”

His father went on to allege that Southside assaulted his sister and turned his back on other family members. “Truth is You Haven’t spoken to your GrandDad Who Taught You Boxing In 10 Years, You Slapped & Spit On Your Sister because You were Mad At Me. Your Mothers Brother Owes Your GrandDaddy 8 Months of Rent & is using Covid to not be Evicted. You Dead Ass Wrong. #Ungrateful #YouMadAtMyRap #IStartedTheMafia #ITaughtYouProduction,” he continued.

Another one of his posts, in all caps, told Southside, “You kan keep trying to pay people to kill me…..god is going to deal with you. I got something for your uncle. You were so obsessed with fucking up my life, but god is going to deal with you pussys. I want the world to know I have nothing to do with you. You aint nothing but a lil pussy boy.”

Southside learned about his father’s claims and animosity on Wednesday morning. This prompted him to start his own Instagram Live session with his uncle to shed light on the family struggles. 

“Where was he at the whole time?” his uncle said after hearing Southside’s account of the story. “N***a, I raised you.”

As the Live continued, Southside assured his uncle and his fans that he wasn’t bothered by his father’s antics. Instead, the producer is convinced it’s a ploy to get people to listen to his father’s music. 

“I ain’t tripping. … I told them folks ‘everybody go stream his music,’” Southside said with a laugh. “He said I hate on his rap career.”

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