Soulja Boy Takes Credit for Travis Scott and Quavo's Album

Soulja Boy takes ownership for being the man behind the Travis Scott and Quavo collaboration album.

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Draco has adopted more sons. On Wednesday (Jan. 23), Soulja Boy stopped by Big Boy's neighborhood, giving an interview where he takes ownership for being the man behind the Travis Scott and Quavo collaboration album. 

"Quavo met Travis Scott at my house. Quavo didn't know who Travis Scott was," Soulja Boy told the iconic LA radio personality. "He was like 'who this little weird n***a is on the couch?' I'm like 'boy, that's Kanye West artist. You better get in tune. That's Travis Scott.' Fast forward to today we got Huncho Captain Jack—whatever collab album. That wouldn't had happened without me!"

Soulja Boy claiming he kindled a creative friendship that birthed the HunchoJack, Jack Huncho album is another one of his many self-credited accomplishments. And although (like most of his assertions) it seems far-fetched that Soulja Boy's couch brought these two tyrants together, when taking into consideration his tenure, it's also hard to say it didn't. 

Since 2019 began, Soulja Boy has morphed into the barbershop old-head that marched with Martin Luther King, Jr. and ate bean pies with Malcolm X. In an attempt to prove his influence on rap, he has laid claim to some wild stats that can neither be found factual nor false. For example, Soulja has famously taken credit for "writing" Drake's early hit single "Miss Me," as well as giving Kanye West the confidence to be "Kanye West." As a result, if one believes these things, Soulja Boy introducing Quavo to Travis Scott would be small things to a Big Draco.

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