Sada Baby Criticized for Wishing Death on Lil Nas X: 'Lord We Said Nas X, Not DMX' (UPDATE)

Instead of strictly praying for the Dark Man X, Sada Baby decided to ask God why he didn’t put this evil on Lil Nas X following Nas's latest video.

Sada Baby performs during The Decent Exposure Tour

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Sada Baby performs during The Decent Exposure Tour

UPDATED 4/06, 5:48 p.m. ET: Lil Nas X responded to Sada Baby’s recent comment—“Lord we said Nas X, not DMX”—playfully writing that his “number 1 smash hit Montero (Call Me By Your Name) [is] out now on all platforms.”

this is so fucked up omg 😢 everyone stream the number 1 smash hit Montero (Call Me By Your Name) out now on all platforms! 😔

— pussy (@LilNasX) April 6, 2021

Meanwhile, Sada Baby spoke on his comments some more via Instagram Stories, and apologized for what he said.

“I said what I said about that motherfuckin’ post because of the shoes,” Sada said. “That’s it. The devil shoes, the devil in the video, giving the devil a lapdance, all that type of shit. That shit wild, that shit crazy. That’s not never gonna be no shit that I sympathize with, empathize with, or agree with. But I wasn’t wishing death on blood for real, nobody want a n***a dead.”

He added: “What you showing to kids is you giving the devil a lapdance. And I don’t want to walk in a room anywhere with any of my family and see any of the kids in my family imitating what they seen that video in any way... But yeah, I apologize to lil buddy if he feel I wanted him dead.”

The original story follows below:

Once again, Sada Baby’s social media antics have him under fire. 

The music world was hit hard when it learned of DMX’s grave condition. Yet instead of strictly praying for the Dark Man X, Sada Baby decided to ask God why he didn’t put this evil on Lil Nas X.

“Lord we said Nas X, not DMX,” Sada said in a post to his Instagram Stories this weekend.

This post seems to be in response to the single for Lil Nas X’s latest single, “Montero (Call Me By Your Name).” The satanic theme throughout the song angered a lot of views. It also prompted Nike to halt the sale of Nas X’s accompanying satanic-themed Air Max made by MSCHF.

Sada Baby appears to side with those claiming Lil Nas X’s antics should not be condoned. Although Sada has a right to believe what he wants—just like Lil Nas X has the right to create any visual image he desires—wishing death on someone for having a different artistic vision than you is far from Christ-like. As a result, fans took to social media where they pointed out Sada Baby’s contradictions. 

Not Sada Baby being Homophobic Again...Chile no wonder the barbz stopped streaming WLC mid-week.😂I’m not surprised atp

— Jaylan (@Jaylan64008642) April 5, 2021

Lil Nas X got the cishets within hip-hop pressed. Sadababy posted this in his instagram story and it was caught before he deleted it. The anti-LGBT bigotry is clear. The violent homophobia is clear. They can remain pressed. I'm proud of Lil Nas X.

— Jason (Alphabet Wakandan Warrior) (@EscaflowneClown) April 4, 2021

Also, based on previous interactions with gay fans/fan pages on the internet, users assumed that Sada Baby was also attacking Lil Nas X because Nas X is gay. In October, he attacked a Nicki Minaj fan page following her featuring on the “Whole Lotta Choppas” remix. Not only did he upset the barbs, but he also angered the LGBTQ+ community by calling the page a “f****t.”

Sada baby must be dl because at this point his homophobia is looking like self projection.

— femaleweezy (@TheVinVent) April 4, 2021

sada baby wishing death upon lil nas x is very homophobic. Fuck him!

— Aries Monee (@OhHeyAries_) April 4, 2021

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