Master P Responds to Snoop Dogg Saying No Limit Deal Saved His Life

Along with talking about his music career, Master P also touched on his short stint in the NBA—including a story where he had to fight an unnamed teammate.

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Snoop Dogg has a storied career that included a stop in New Orleans, where he was signed to Master P's No Limit Records. During an appearance on Wednesday's episode of the Breakfast Club, P explained how he helped Snoop navigate his sticky situation with Death Row Records, which in turn possibly saved the Doggfather's life. 

"I'm about doing what's right. I told Snoop whatever you say about Suge Knight, that man did put you on, he put you in the game," Master P said near the interview's 15-minute mark.

He went on to explain that his sole purpose for bringing Snoop to No Limit was to give him an opportunity to learn the music business. It was understood by both parties that Snoop would go on to become his own boss, but first he had to follow P's lead. 

"Doing that, that would be a bad move because it's all about integrity—you got to be thankful. I think a lot of people don't look at it like that. They not thankful for the opportunities," Master P continued. "I told him. I said, 'When you're the boss you can do whatever you want to do. You need to go boss up now.' We don't need to be getting into it with other Black men."

When Snoop Dogg left Death Row in 1998, he was ready to push the button on a war that would've likely spilled out of the recording studio and into the street. While talking to the Breakfast Club last week, Snoop explained that Mack 10 was willing to give him $1 million to put out an album called Fuck Death Row. Like No Limit, Mack 10's Hoo-Bangin' Records was under the Priority umbrella so he would encounter No Limit artists as he was working out his deal with Mack 10. 

"I would go up there [to the office] to see Mack 10 and when I would go up there, I would have to pass by Master P's No Limit shit," he said. After striking a working relationship with P, Snoop told him about the Fuck Death Row album. 

"I said, 'I got this album called Fuck Death Row. This motherfucker hard," he recalled. Master P then warned him that he wouldn't "live to see that album out."

Following their heart-to-heart, Snoop and Master P ironed out a deal that would get him off Death Row and signed to No Limit. In retrospect, Snoop agrees the Fuck Death Row album and plan was stupid and would have caused unnecessary "mass destruction."

"Do you realize that that saved my life?" Snoop told the Breakfast Club. "Thank God for Master P."

Along with talking about his music career, Master P also touched on his short stint in the NBA—including a story where he had to fight an unnamed teammate due to a little rookie hazing. 

"They make the rookies carry the bags. I told them 'I got more money than anybody on this team. I'm not carrying no bag. I'm a super rookie,'" he said. "A lot of those dudes in the NBA from the hood too. So, that was my first time getting tested in a long time. ... I ask coach, 'Coach, what happens if we get into a scuffle?' He was like, 'What happens in the gym stays in the gym.' We ended up being best friends after that."

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