Juvenile Wants to See Lil Wayne and Jay-Z in a 'Verzuz' Battle: 'Wayne Could Go At It With Anybody'

Jay-Z might consider himself the "Mike Jordan of recording" but Juvie is convinced that Lil Wayne is better than the Jigga Man.

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If Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant played one-on-one it would probably look something like this. 

While holding a virtual interview with Los Angeles' Power 106, Juvenile says he wants to see his former Hot Boy brother, Lil Wayne, square off against Weezy's idol, Jay-Z in a Verzuz battle. 

"Jay-Z and Wayne. Come on. Let's stop playing," Juvie said around the interview's nine-minute mark. "Jay-Z and Wayne or put Drake in the conversation, but let it be one of them three. Let it be one of the top dogs. But stop playing with him, he's serious."

Hov might consider himself the "Mike Jordan of recording" but Juvie is convinced that Wayne is better than the Jigga Man.

"I've been telling Wayne he was the best rapper since day one," Juvie continued. "I always told him he's the greatest rapper I know the best rapper I know... and he used to always put Jay-Z on a pedestal and I used to tell him 'Aye, man. You not hearing what I'm hearing.'"

Both Lil Wayne and Jay-Z have had storied careers. Billboard's chart history has them nearly neck-to-neck. Lil Wayne has 25 top ten hits, 3 No. 1 songs, and 169 entries in the Billboard Hot 100 while Hov has 21 top ten hits, 4 No. 1 songs, and 100 singles to appear on the Hot 100. This boils things down to a stylistic choice. Would fans rather hear mixtape Weezy give them Mike Tyson combinations with his punchlines or the slick rope-a-dope flow Jay-Z delivers on his B-sides?

For Juvenile, it's clear who he thinks would win this sparing match. But if Jigga decided that he doesn't have time to step into the ring, it doesn't matter because Juvie is convinced that Wayne could swing with the best of them.

"I think Wayne could go at it with anybody," Juvie said.

Watch Juvenile's full interview above. 

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